No Signal Output to Rear Speakers with Verified Surround source

I have searched the forums and didn’t find anything that covered my issue. So I have a strange issue with Infuse 7 on my Apple TV. My set up is Apple TV 4K/HDMI/Sony OLED/HDMI(ARC)/Marantz Receiver. The media is stored on my NAS… The Apple TV audio is set to Dolby Digital format change.

When I play anything else on the Apple TV that is encoded in surround, the Display on the Marantz displays DD and surround sound is played on all speakers. With the Infuse 7 app, the Marantz displays DD, but nothing comes out of the rear speakers, even though the system is showing it is receiving Dolby Digital. I verified via the Apple TV PLEX app that all of the media I tried to play on the Infuse 7 does have signal to the back speakers.

Any ideas. I’ve tried changing the Surround option on the Apple TV which changes all audio essentially to Stereo. I do not see any option to change on the Infuse 7 app.

Any ideas? I really like the simplicity of Infuse 7 layout VS. the plex

Do these videos have multiple audio tracks?

You can check this in Infuse by swiping down while a video is playing going to the Audio tab.

It does. Looks like when I select it, it promos me to upgrade. Is that only available with the upgrade?

Ok, that may explain it. Infuse is probably playing a 2.0 track (which may be tagged as Default) which of course isn’t going to have rear channels. If you want to prevent Infuse from choosing the Default track, and select the best quality track instead you can change the Settings > Language > Audio option from Auto to your desired language.

Some audio/video types will require Pro. You can receive a free 30 day trial when selecting the yearly option.

Followed your recommendations. There is an AAC trac (Default) and DD5.1. Changing the language didn’t change the default tract.

If I upgrade will it allow me to change the default tract or will I have to manually choose each time.

It may behave differently if you’re not a Pro user, since it may choose the ‘free’ track instead of a paid one.

You may consider the trial to see how things work.

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Thank you James

So I signed up for the Pro app and everything seems to work as it should now. As you suggested, changing the language from Auto to “English” automatically selects the surround audio.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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