No showname since Infuse 7

Hi guys,

since Infuse 7 and the new design, when you are into a tv show, the name of that show is not displayed anymore - only the title of the episode, even when you scroll down in that view:

However the name is displayed in movies:

It would be good to see also the show’s name…


I think the idea is that if you were already at the episode pre-playback that you know what show you’re watching so it only shows the episode title. But I could see if you are in a playlist or something that maybe it would be helpful

The thing is that with V6 on the individual season screens you still have the series poster with the name on it so that was a help.

With the fan art replacing that there’s no info on the series unless the fan art happens to include it and that’s not common from what I’ve seen.

I too would like to see the series name on the season screen. Maybe just above the location in the same type as the “SX • EX” line.

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Yes, of course you know, in which show you are.
It would just be nice, if you can also see the show’s name…