No search button in infuse

Am using infuse on all my apple devices iOS, macOS and tvOS but there is multiple issues i have noticed when using infuse with huge libraries based on plex share or emby share one of them is the really slow syncing and i have tried to use my library without syncing by adding it as favorite i can browse the library but it wont integrate with infuse main libraries and it just shows as folder i have tried other addons in similar app and i can browse the library with full integration and search capability the other big issue is that there is no search button within favorites so if you have a huge library you would need to scroll endlessly to find what are you looking for.

Infuse’s search works for items which have been included in the library.

If you’re seeing slowness with Emby in particular, you may look at installing the InfuseSync plugin on your Emby server (restart required). This will speed up syncing quite a bit.

Also, for large servers its usually best to disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found in the share’s Settings menu (under advanced). This is disabled by default, but can be enabled if you want Infuse cache all artwork ahead of time.

Thanks for your respond i have InfuseSync installed for both emby and plex and it’s still really slow for big libraries i wish if you can just make the search work in favorites cause it’s really a pain to scroll down endlessly just to find a specific show or movie each time even though the shows and movies names appears to be correct and clear i think it’s an easy job to add the search capabilities and will make a huge impact on those with big libraries.