No screen initialization after changing wireless password and power cycle

I have been searching and I haven’t seen this exact issue brought up, but I have some similar issues and no responses. Let me walk through this issue…

So I have the latest software (Both Apple firmware/jailbreak/FireCore)

I jailbreak, install FireCore, install all the extras I wish to install and remove the software update feature. I don’t really mess with anything at this poing. I install XMBC and set up some shares.

I unplug the ATV and then change the password on my home network OR take the ATV to a friends house with a different wireless setup.

I power on the ATV, get the Apple logo then nothing. I loose HDMI handshake and it never comes back. I have done this with 2 different ATV2 and I get the same results.

I’m getting really good at jailbreaking this thing and setting everything up every time I experiment with it because that’s the only way I have found to get back into the ATV. Any ideas?

I can replicate this issue, although in my case if I press the Menu key on the remote it seems to get past this point.   As far as I can see it is an issue (not surprisingly) with it getting to the network.

Another way I have got past this point is to plug in a wired netwrok connection, and once I am up and running and can see the ATV menus, unplug it and then go in and configure the woreless network.

Interesting! Glad to see I’m not alone in this. I would call it a BUG for sure. Thanks! I’ll investigate further.

It may well be a bug - but in the Apple firmware (I think) as I can replicate this problem whether I am jailbroken or not.