No Response from Remote!

I recently did the 3.5.1 upgrade. It went very smoothly. Installed a couple extra apps (Boxee, Flash, Quicktime) - all worked fine. Then I launched Joost from Boxee… slow as hell. Incredibly slow. At times, it would completely hang. I left in on Joost the other night and fell asleep - in morning, it was frozen. Unplugged, plugged it back in. Booted fine, but the menu is stuck and NONE of my apple remotes will work. It’s not the remotes. I have tried re-installing 4 times. Nothing.

Anyone know how to uninstall without going through the menu’s???

You might just need to un-pair the remote.

To un-pair the remote:
Hold the left arrow and menu buttons for a few seconds. You will see a flashing remote icon in the upper left area of the screen.

Hot Damn, you are a genius and I feel like an idiot! Thanks!!! :slight_smile: