No reaction from customer support

I have two requests, which I sent to the customer support.
Got two automatic answers with ticket numbers.
Didn’t get an answer since more than a week.
#146310, #146311
I find that the quality of support has decreased rapidly during the last years. In the beginning, it was much better.

Any reason not to ask here in the forum? Other users may be able to help.

Without knowing what your problems are and not knowing the responses you got there may be reasons you didn’t get an instantaneous fix.

Actually, that were two questions, that I put here in the forum, but did get no or no sufficient answer.

Well if you care to share the problems you’re referring to maybe we can find an answer. There may be technical reasons that they are still issues.

If the answers to my questions are, that I am using infuse in the wrong way, it reminds me to the hichthikers guide to the galaxy.
You have asked the wrong question. The answer is 42.

It looks like the questions in those tickets were also posted here in the forum where they appear to have been answered.

The forum is great, as questions and answers are both public which can help others who may have the same question in the future.

No, they have not been answered, James.
There were just answers in the way, as I described it.
I am very disappointed by these kind of answers.
They did not answer or solve my problem.
Especially the answer about the folders in shares, I found arrogant.

James, finally, I think, it makes no sense, to proceed with such kind of conversation.
I am deeply disappointed about the developments here in the last years.
Also, for me Infuse is no longer the top player compared to other Software existing.
There are definitely different ways and interests in how to use a Mediaplayer. Therefore my way of using it is not the only one.

Cu and many thanks for the fish.

What’s wrong with you?

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Nothing. I’m just not willing to accept stupid answers.

Not a reason to get soooo rude.