No Poster & no episode photo maybe due to the name of the show

I recently added that show and a strange reason, on both iOS and iPAD OS (last version of all) there is no cover image for the folder and there is not episode phote.
they are all there in TheTVDB

is it possible that the “ë” on the title ( and folder) can be the source of the issue or it’s something else?

Are you getting the textual metadata?

How do you have the folder named? How do you have the episodes named?

It could be the “ë” and that would be an easy test to change to “e” and see if it pulls the info.

yes I have the summary of the episodes

I used Filebot to rename my episodes:
Folder name : “Astrid et Raphaëlle”
episode named : “Astrid et Raphaëlle - S01E0x - TitleOfTheEpisode.mkv”

You didn’t say so I’m guessing you still have no artwork on these?

What language do you have set in Infuse for metadata?

Also I thought you were going to change the “ë” to “e”?

You may want to try " Astrid and Raphaelle" just as a test.

on iOS: No poster, Background image on top of episodes, text information ok
on iPadOS: No poster, “video” on the side of episode, text information ok

Metadata on french.
Renaming the folder change nothing…

This thing annoy me like hell as I don’t get it
On the Apple TV, still no poster but I see the episode picture and the text are good … I don’t understand why the poster is not showing… any other requirement than to be there on the TVDB?

Have you tried setting the Metadata language to Auto in Infuse?

Yes I tried for it… but I usually not doing as all my devices are in English and I want my metadata in French

Did you get the posters with it set on auto in Infuse?

no it’s not working on auto

I even tried to put a folder.jpg in the folder … but it’s not working … why I’m missing with this TV Show…