No poster.jpg grabbing

All of a sudden infuse for Mac doesn’t grab the poster.jpg file anymore, but instead it grabs movie name-poster.jpg

Why is that. I made a ton of own movie posters which do not show anymore.

For me this is a very bad thing.

I don’t recall ever seeing Infuse use just the file name “poster.jpg” I’ve been using "Movie_Name.jpg for a few years and it’s still recognized.

Here’s the users guide that shows how to add a poster to a movie.

Well it worked with me for more then 2 years now until today.
Now I have to rename all my poster.jpg to each movie name-poster.jpg.

Is there a way to batch automate this?

btw… all I did this weekend is replacing a HDD in my Qnap Nas, since it was defected and downgraded. The nas works great again. But I can not imagine that this was the cause for that.

What version of Infuse are you using?

I believe the latest… it says 7.2.1 (7.2.3874)

This may be why but I don’t know for sure. There hasn’t been a change to Infuse since early October so Infuse hasn’t changed recently.

Have you tried the “Scan for Changes” function in the Library settings or possibly the “Refresh Metadata” in the same area?

Yes I did refresh… didn’t help. I noticed that infuse now grabs the file: moviename-fanart.jpg, and shows it as it was the poster.

This does it because there are no: moviename-poster.jpg files in the location.

all in all weird.

Does this mean I have to rename all the poster files to moviename-poster.jpg files by hand?
I did that on a few movies, and that works. Its shows my old posters. but I have over a 1000 movies…

AFAIK -poster is only used with tv show series and seasons, not movies. For movies it is just moviename.jpg. Fanart is the landscape item loaded when you open an item.

I have solved the issue… well not the issue but batch renaming poster.jpg to moviename-poster.jpg.

I used kodi for that to export and overwrite existing files, which saved all the poster I had as the right file.

That helped. But still it is weird why thus happened after a HDD fail in my raid group.

Again, I’d recommend NOT having the word “poster” in the file name for the artwork. Just the same exact filename as the movie but with the graphic extention like “.jpg” instead of the video extention.

I understand… problem is… my fan arts are named like that.
But still, infuse prefers the: moviename-poster.jpg file over the moviename.jpg file.
Because it simply works.

Cant you do a batch file rename that looks for “-poster.jpg” and replace it with “.jpg”? Then you will be nameing files as shown in the users guide. It may work now but in future releases that may change and then you’re back to square one. Best to stick with what’s recommended in this case. :wink:

I understand… will do when given time. :stuck_out_tongue:


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