No Plex collections in direct mode - please help

Hello i wonder if anyone would be so good as to help me?:

  • Apple tv 4k 128gb ethernet (latest), infuse pro
  • I have recently switched to direct mode for plex as the library was taking longer and longer to refresh.
  • I have several smart collections within plex that are no longer visible since switching to direct mode (they were when i was in library mode)
  • All my “collection” settings are turned on in the settings
  • They are not available to add from the edit menu area.

This is a deal breaker for me to use direct mode. I would have expected better integration of collections etc in direct mode…not worse. Am i missing something? Can someone help me fix this?


looking further into it…there is nowhere in direct mode to just browse all my movies? The Infuse “Favourites” Movie folder just says folder empty.

Surely I am not expected to create a playlist in plex add all the movies to it? and then update it each time i add a movie?

Can someone explain how Drect mode is meant to work? because i currently don’t get it at all…apart from being much quicker…probably because I have no library to browse my content!

plex collections are not currently supported when using direct mode.

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thank you. back to library mode then. i love the speed of direct mode but seems it is still half baked.

thanks for the reply.