No playback status sync


I’m expecting to have my playback status sync between Infuse & Trak.TV but right know it’s not the case. In fact, it partially sync.

I’ve checked the following link : iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

Any idea ?


Similar issue here. For me Trakt is syncing watched items but not syncing progress for partially watched shows - 2x AppleTV 4 & iPad Pro with iCloud sync off since the app reset issue.

In my case, from time to time, i see some episode with the status watched, but globally, it’ not sync. … yet

Hi, any chance to get some help ?

Is this affecting all episodes in a particular series, or just certain episodes?

One thing you may check is that the Metadata Fetching option is enabled, and the shows in question have metadata fetched for them. A quick way to check this would be to browse these shows using the Library to see if they appear.

For a bit of background, in order to correctly sync with Trakt all movies and shows need to be matched with one of the online databases. This provides a unique ID for the movie/episode which is used for syncing with Trakt.

Not specially, it seems random.

What does it man ? My stup is in French.

Fore sure

Are the affected shows listed in Library > All TV Shows?

Do the correct watched statuses appear if you view the series after logging into your account on the website?



No, that’s my problem.

I already deleted the app, installed it again, connected to and then to my Plex Media Server, nothing more

Is there anything i can do ? Thanks

One other thing to check is that the ‘Scrobbler’ option in Infuse > Settings is enabled.

You can also test if this is working by manually marking a show/movie as watched in Infuse, and within a few seconds it should appear in your account.

Also, are you streaming from Plex by chance?

Ok, i’ll test it

I’m using PEX in Infuse.

Ok, one other thing to also check in Plex is that these shows are ‘matched’. This means Plex has matched them with a show from TheTVDb. This ensures each episode has a unique ID attached to it, and without this matching, neither Infuse nor Plex will be able to send the watched progress to Trakt.

I confirm that they are some differences between PMS &


What can i do ?


Can you describe what you are seeing in Plex? If you have shows/movies that are unmatched or matched incorrectly, Infuse won’t be able to sync those with Trakt, however you will be able to see the correct watched statuses in Plex and Infuse.

If you want to fix these unmatched items you can follow the steps in the Plex guide linked below.

Yes, in Plex i can see that, for instance that i have seen the first 10 episodes of a TV show, but shows that i have seen the first 15 episodes and is right

Yes, it’s logical.

If Plex is wrong, Infuse is wrong, so it’s incorrect.

No, i have the correct MATCH status, i’m talking about the wrong SYNC status.

Trakt works a bit differently when using Plex. Infuse will uses Plex’s status as the master list and only update that if you have watched something in Infuse. In other words, Infuse will scrobble to Trakt, but will not pull down watch history from Trakt for Plex content.

How it works in a few scenarios is…

  1. If you watch something in Infuse the history will be synced to both Plex and Trakt.
  2. If you watch something in Plex outside of Infuse, that history gets recorded in Plex and will sync to Infuse.
  3. If you manually mark something as watched on the site, that info will not sync to Plex or Infuse.

How it worked for me

  1. I used KODI / Trak.TV
  2. Now i’m using Infuse / PMS / TRak.TV

In that case, you may want to look at adding the Trakt plugin to Plex. This should allow you to pull in watched info that was synced to Trakt from Kodi.

Or, depending on how much watched history you are missing, you can manually mark things as watched in Plex/Infuse and then everything should work as expected in the future.

It’s already done, please read my first message :slight_smile: