No nitotv menu after jb with 0.6.5 / atvblack

Hi Guys,


I have posted this on another thread but was unsure if it would get touched on, Will repost it here uncase other people are having the same issues.

Had jbed this morning with Seas0nPass 0.6.4, Worked well except for the fact that it was unable to access any packages as most people have found.

Have just been trying 0.6.5, I'm able to install plex over ssh which is good, However I've noticed that now after I do the atv black install nitotv no longer shows up after the lowtide restart.

When trying to do a hard restart I am unable to redo the teathered boot. Always get exploit failed from Seas0nPass then have to re jb the device.

Will be looking forward to some feedback.

BTW, you don't have to SSH install Plex anymore, its been updated:

Yeah I just did it via maintenance.


Ran the atv black program again and sorted it :)

Atvflash thinks I have Plex installed when I don't. Is there a way of deleting from maintenance?