No Musical Genre?

Wondering why the musicals in my movie library aren’t grouped into a “Musical” genre. There is a “Music” genre, but that has movies about music in it, but no musicals. The musicals are categorized as musicals in thetvdb database.

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Infuse uses themoviedb for movie metadata so that may be part of the cause.

Infuse only uses thetvdb for television series.

Yup, that appears to explain the issue!

So, I created a themoviedb account and made reports on these musicals that they be added to the music genre. I got a reply to read their guidelines, which state that they do not support a musicals genre and will only add movies about music and music documentaries to the music genre, not musicals.

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Yes I did the same thing a couple years ago. They are tagging them as musical but not setting a musical genre. Since infuse doesn’t look at the tabs it gets missed. Best bet is to create a collection of musicals or custom genre via xml files.

I just posted this update. Add support please

Thanks for posting your comment. Hopefully we can get more people to request it as well