No mp4 format is supported


I have mpg encoded video fileswhich don;t play on the appleTV. When I try to recode them into mp4 files (xvid, lavc or h264) as video files I only get audio. What do I need to do to make the AppleTV play video files? What codecs are supported???

Hoping for help,


MPEG files are playable through the nitoTV plugin. Which plugin were you using to play them?

I am using 3.4.2 ATVFlash for the moment.

Well I tried to play it from the NitoTV → Files. (I tried switching file playback under NitoTV from QT to mplayer to no avail.)
And also from the Files → Movies.

It then tells me that “the format could not be recognised”.

I put the files in the “Movies” directory of AppleTV.

I also didn’t understand why it doesn’t play. The file is however 71MB for about a minute of content. So that’s about 8 Mbps. But that shouldn’t be a problem, since DVD do play (quite) okay.

When showing the file in graphedit it shows that it does require an Demultiplexer (on my windows machine). So it might be a mpeg-2 movie with AC3 inside an MPEG-2 TS.

Okay, I was a bit mistaken. It tunrs out that the MPEG files do play when I change the File playback setting to mplayer. But I can’t say it is really stable. It usually starts with a white bar at the top of the screen, then a flash of green screen and then the video starts.

I also noticed, that when file or DVD playback screws up once. For instance it does not load the enu of the DVD properly and I end up with audio, but no image, it usually means resetting the AppleTV. Retrying doesn;t help much. I hope the stability improves soon of NitoTV.