no more Youtube after April

As Google will begin shutting down the «old version» of youtube apps on April 20, 2015. This will result in the current YouTube app not working on certain device models from 2012 and older. f you’re using Apple TV 2nd generation or older, there’s no current way to watch YouTube on these devices.

If there is any chance to fix this with some JB trick?

not to say about the hoggish google…

Nooooooooooooooooooo! It’s getting harder and harder to keep my aTV 2. Fingers crossed for an aTV app store this summer. Infuse will be the first thing I download.

I’m ready to dump my ATV2, too. But I need the Infuse app. What other player offers an Infuse-like app or at least SMB access to a NAS? I don’t want to run Plex or XMBC.

I already have a NAS. I need a player like ATV2 that will run Infuse or something like it.

Did you look at the product? It’s not a NAS. It’s an HD media player.

Sorry, the link didn’t work the first time. The WD player looks good.

I feel like firecore should sidestep apple and make their own hardware.