no more tv show menu


i have an atv flash version 4.1.5. and on sept 23 everything was allright with my apple tv gen1. but the next day, there was no more tv show menu showing. whats wrong? do i need an update? what can i do, to get the itunes tv show menu back???

please help!

Hi mine did the same…back on today. think its itunes server??

i have the same problem. Tried turning the plugin on and off and nothing comes up for TV Shows, thought I was going mad. Glad I am not the only one. Have submitted a ticket and waiting on a reply. Willl advise once they get back to me.

Solved - make sure “overflow” is installed under maintenance - plugins. Put TV Shows on “frontrow” (button goes grey) and then go up to “restart finder” and it’s back

You will also notice that when the network connection is unstable or not connected it will also do that.   I had something wrong with my router and it did the samething rebooted my router and the movie came back without doing anything