No more LPCM 5.1 with DTS-HD HRA

I everyone,

I have ATV 4K with 12.2.5 and infuse 5.6.7.
Since few days when i play DTS-HD HRA movie, i get DTS 5.1 with ATV (best quality) and infuse (passthrough) and I get DD 5.1 with ATV (best quality) and infuse (auto).
I did not touch the settings.
Thanks for helping.

Do you have the Apple TV plugged directly into your audio receiver, or into your TV? I’ve discovered a similar limitation with my system. My mediocre sound bar can’t pass through 4k video, so I’m stuck using HDMI ARC from my TV, which can only pass through compressed surround audio (Dolby Digital or DTS), or 2.0 PCM.

HDMI ARC doesnt support more then compressed Dolby Digital. Future eARC specification will support lossless through ARC. Your sound bar wont have the fidelity to bring out lossless anyways.

eARC will have potential to allow cheaper, audio only receivers which would be welcomed.

You’re right I forgot to tell that the ATV is connected to AVR ONKYO 636 and I play everything 1080p.
But also on the onkyo :
The TV is connected to the SUB HDMI
The projector (Sony hw40es) is connected to MAIN HDMI
Finally, I noticed that when the TV is on, I have this strange behavior. But when the Projector is on, it shows LPCM as expected.
It might be the onkyo. So I think that we can consider there is nothing wrong with the ATV or its settings.