No more help from me

For those that see this before it is deleted too:

A bit over a week ago, some users complained about the lack of questions answered in this forum. I’ve occasionally helped where I can, but since I’m not affiliated with atv flash, I don’t have an obligation. This thread was moved to the lounge where I continued to watch it. I eventually replied with something along the lines of “Guess you get what you pay for, or less.” I can’t remember the exact words, nor can I examine it because the mods deleted the entire thread. If the owners here cannot take minor criticism, then they deserve nothing from me.

Sorry, not sure why it was removed. Spam and double-posts will get removed…whether it fell into one of these categories (mistakenly or not) may have been the reason. If the topic was moved, a shadow topic may have remained in place, and it could have appeared as a double-post.

Anyways, the goal of this forum is to provide a framework for interaction and a reference for overcoming issues that may arise, censorship is not part of this.

Gbooker, your input is always greatly appreciated here.