No MFI certified USB type c flash drive for iPad pro yet?

Any news about the subject of this post?
I have searched all over the Internet to no avail.
Any hint that Sandisk might be working on one, like a iXPand V2 or something?

Nothing yet. :frowning:

It seems reasonable to expect SanDisk will come out with one at some point, though I’ve heard rumors about Apple being slow/reluctant to include USB-C devices in the MFi program, so I’m not sure how that will affect things in the long run.

Well… Good news on this area. iOS 13 will bring the long awaited support for flash drives and SD cards natively.
Read all about it:


Yes, definitely interesting for sure!

Now to see if they allow system-wide access to the USB port, or if it’s just usable for the Files app.

Unfortunately, as of beta 4, Infuse “via Documents” doesn’t see the external drive. However, you can copy the file(s) to “On My iPad” under Infuse and it will work. Share menu’s “Copy to Infuse” appears for the first time then disappears on subsequent Share menu. No “Open in Infuse” option available. I have the iPad Pro 11-inch.