No metadata

I’ve download Infuse Pro 5 on Ipad and on Apple TV.
On my Ipad, the metadata are correct for the series… but not on my appleTV. What’s the problem?
The series are not thus classified by season on AppleTV, and I don’t have the summaries.
Everything worked well with Infuse Pro 4.


I have exactly the same problem with a synology NAS and smb.
With infuse pro 4 it’s perfect but with the 5 pro it’s just a nightmare!!

Can you provide a bit more info about what you are seeing?

TheTVDb has been experiencing some downtime this week which could affect Infuse’s ability to fetch content for TV series.

I re-intall Infuse Pro 4 on my Apple TV and all the tv-show and the movies are indexed with all metada but with the 5 Pro all the movies are indexed and only 2 tv-show
I can’t undersant why