No metadata found

No metadata is find so my last X movies is not added to collection, can’t watch them. However I can find them using search but this is not good way…

I name those movies in the same way as for all 1000+ other movies


I have open a support ticket. has made some changes and i can’t get any metadata for my movies. Reload doesn’t work either.

It works if I remove year, pls fix api query. I don’t want to remove year from title.

Results for movie title like:

Young and Innocent  => Fetching metadata work

Young and Innocent (1937) = Fetching metadata doesn’t work


or pls make it possible to use IMDb ID, this problem could be solve with a simple nfo

<?xml version=“1.0” ?>




removing (year) does do the trick! thank you for this, robert! I was going crazy over this the last days!!! moviename.year.mkv works aswell. I think its the brakets :-/ I’m with you concerning the nfo file!!! That would definatly prevent future renaming sessions :-/ :slight_smile:

two weeks now :frowning:

I’m not quite ready to rename my entire collection by deleting the (dates). Is there a solution on the horizon? Thanks in advance.

same happens here… cannot find metadata for any movie or tv series. 

i reloaded metadata on films that had been found months ago, and now with the exact same format can t be found. 




I have exactly the same problem. Please advise.

No metadata unless I remove the year from the file name. This is the issue related to the TMDb change. 

Any ETA for a fix from our Firecore team?


FireCore is aware of the problem and woking on it.


Quoting James on 22 May 2013:



Hi All,

I just want to share what I did while waiting for FireCore to fix this issue.

I normally organize my movies into Movies&lt;Title> (Year)&lt;Title> (<Year>).ext.  As expected, this will fail in the lookup for metadata.

You might have also noticed by now based on the other users that removing the year will fix the metadata lookup issue.  But I do not want to remove the year from my naming convention.  However, I found a workaround by keeping the year for the name of the folder but removing the year on the actual video files themselves.  My new format is now Movies&lt;Title> (<Year>)&lt;Title>.ext.  This worked nicely.  I do get occasional prompts for multiple movies of the same title due to the absence of the year data in the file.

I use the tool FileBot (just google for it).  It makes renaming files very fast and easy.  You can change from one naming format to another in a breeze. I do not mean to promote any brand but just sharing what I am using which has significance to this current issue.

Hope this helps.


I’ve added my comments to the other thread …

But will cross post it here too …

Do we have any news on when an update for Flash Black will be avaliable to fix this issue?

I like many others have a NAS drive with a single movie folder and all my movies dropped in there. Some of my movie files have a Year on them some don’t. I even added the year to some of them to ensure the correct Metadata was retrieved after a re-install / clearing of the cached data. I was having problems where newer movies wern’t being added so I removed all the cached metadata and re-scanned the whole share. Now its even worse with about 50% of my movies now being in the “Others” section.

I see an update for the Infuse app was out 3 days ago, which is all well and good, but what about your loyal customer base on ATV Flash Black? Is there any update as to when we might see an update to fix this? I really don’t want to have to go rename all my movies, as mentioned some have the year on them intentionally to ensure the correct metadata is retrieved.


The TMDb fix for the Apple TV is now available in Media Player 2.2.1.

Amazing!!! You guys ROCK!!! thx a lot!!!

I have only one comment, you don’t have new release every weeks, but when you do, You deliver.

FireCore Rock!!