No Metadata found for TV shows


This started with trying to find metadata for 911 Lone Star. New show. It added to infuse but didn’t load any metadata. Message was “nothing found”. I thought it might be too new but then I tried to edit Supergirl ( as a test). I got the same message. “ Nothing found”.

Is tvdb down again?

My shares are SMB

thetvdb is up and showing that series so it should be finding it. Often the file name is the culprit for causing an edit to find nothing. Can you provide a sample of how you have the file named? Also what version of Infuse?


Version 6.2.6

9-1-1 Lone Star S01E01-Pilot.

File was renamed using filebot with the tvdb api

Just tested using infuse app on ipad. Finds the metadata perfectly. But doesn’t on the Apple TV. Same network. Same icloud account

I don’t know why this works most of the time but try restarting Infuse and then go back in and check the show. I’ve had this happen a few times where when doing an Edit metadata Infuse just snaps back real quick with it’s not found notice but after force quitting Infuse and relaunching it everything works.

Forced quit the app as suggested and lo and behold, it found the metadata. Thanks for the tip.

Now if TVDB could just upload more up to date show posters (not seasons). I have “favourited” a lot, but seems my vote doesn’t count for much hehe

Glad the tip got ya running! Don’t know why it works but it does.

It seems to take some time for posters that you favorite to get credit for your vote so hang in there. I think they delay the credit a day or so just to keep folks from swamping posters.

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