No metadata for Millennium Trilogy extended cut TV series

TMDB has the Millennium Trilogy listed as a 2010 miniseries. The files I have are the extended cut from the Blu-ray. So there are two parts to each “movie”. Six parts total. The TMDB running times for each part match my files. I have the files named exactly like TMDB lists them here:

But Infuse does not pick these up. Only the 2009 versions show up when I try to edit metadata.

(I do not use the Library, but I see that there is a Collection for this series. However, it picks up the 2009 version and ignores Part 2 of each movie.)

How can I solve this?

Use this folder structure and file naming.
Millennium (2010) Folder and names

Duh! All my other shows are like that, but I let this one confuse me. Working now.

Thanks for the wake-up!

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