No meta Data for the Muppet show and Captain future

Could not find any Meta Data Information for the Muppet show (TV series) and Captain Future … Roseanne has no folder Image for the TV series … wether the seasons are all with a n image

You may check to ensure you’re using one of the supported naming styles for TV shows.

A bit more info on these can be found here.

Simba - the white lion

Already checked this … manual search didn’t help either

Can you provide an example of one of the filenames?

Infuse uses the filename format to determine which database to search (TMDb vs TheTVDb) so using one of the supported styles is required.

Could you copy and paste the exact file name for one of the ones you’re having issues with?

Oops, James and I posted and I was a bit slower on the trigger. :slight_smile: