No meta data for movies

I just bought aTV Flash (black) this weekend. I have to say, I really love it.

My only real problem is, I’m not getting any meta data for any of my movies. I’ve tried various file naming schemes like title, title with date, etc. Not a single movie out of 177 received any meta data. My TV shows aren’t having any issues.

Any thoughts?

Did you inadvertently tag all your folders as TV Shows? A folder’s tag will also apply to all subfolders contained inside, unless they are specifically tagged differently.

I’m pretty sure they’re tagged as movies, but I can’t confirm that right now. I’ll check that out when I get home. I was trying to get the movies problem sorted out for a while before I even added my TV shows. But, I’ll verify for sure later and make sure that’s not the problem.

Looks like it was my own fault, after all. The folder was set to “None” for some reason. I must have set that accidentally. It seems to be grabbing the meta data just fine, now. Thanks!

My only issue with meta data is that I have all my movies organised into folders. It seems that media player do not take meta data from inside folders.

Am I doing something wrong?



Mine are in folders within a folder. I have no problem so suggest its something else.

I think I have the latest version of media player and fire core, maybe it’s something I should activated in settings?

@alekc. Try to rename your folder that holds the movie to something that IMDB would understand. I had similar issue with DVD-rips (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS inside a folder). I har to rename my folder in order to make it work.



Thanks I’ll try today and let you know

nope it doesn’t work. Maybe will help saying that on the left of the folder I have just the grey icon for movie folders. While if I go inside it and select the move I get the meta data

It sounds like you have each movie file in its own folder.


  • Inception/Inception.mkv
  • Transformers/Transformers.mkv
  • Wall Street/Wall Street.mkv

If so, MP will not currently support showing info for moves inside the folder, but we’re looking into a few options to support this organization structure.


Exactly that something like: inception dvdrip 2010 war zone/ inception.mkv

Gotcha. Can I ask why you organize your files this way? Not saying it’s right or wrong, just trying to get an idea how we can best support organization schemes like this.


I use an external hard drive where I directly download movies. Some sort of NAS. So basically the name of the folder containing the movie includes usually other words too.

If I can give an advice: the offset settings for subs will be awesome

When I was using XBMC (prior to buying aTV Flash), I had my stuff organized the same way. The reason is, it keeps things cleaner. Since you typically have cover art, meta data, thumbnails, fan art, etc for each movie, it’s a bit of a mess when you have all that in a single folder.

totally agree

Ok that’s fits in with what we thought.

We’ll see what we can do.

Great, still very happy of ATV Flash even after waiting so long