No Media Player ?



I installed the latest ATV Flash version.  I see the MEDIA item.  No MEDIA PLAYER choice, only MEDIA in the upper menu of the ATV2.  I can see the disk connected to my Airport Extreme base station.  I aslo can see it’s folders, but no MP3 or DV files that are on this disk.  Everything else seems to be working correctly.





The 'Media Player' app will appear as 'Media' in the main AppleTV menu.

We're planning to add support for MP3 (and possibly DV) files in a future version.

The same . I installed it this morning  I see Media as a heading but no player listed or in any part of the media categories.

All I see is my files and settings. And BTW how do you put stuff in the my files.

I don’t see my Apple extreme with hard drive

The Media option IS the media player.

The basic idea is that you add the media sources via Settings, and then having done that play media off those sources via mny Files.

Yes, I got that figured out after adding a user name and password. Now, I can get to my NAS attached to Apple Extreme. However, Video_TS folders only play one VOB set at a time. Is this correct? How do we get media player to play the entire movie?


I think media player lacks the ability to play individual files ‘as a playlist’ at the moment. 




How are your DVD files setup?

Normally you would have one folder with the movie name, and inside of that you would have your VIDEO_TS (and possibly AUDIO_TS) folder.

E.G. The Dark Knight/VIDEO_TS/<vob files>

Selecting the main movie folder will start the movie playback and you will not have to select each individual VOB file.

Thanks. I’ll try renaming the folder. Right now the folder has the just movie name without the Video_TS extension in the title.


That did not work. I selected the folder and it opened it to reveal all the vob files sets. Here is how I renamed it. THE_WENCH_IS_DEAD/VIDEO_TS/<vob files>

Why is media player showing a : rather than a / after the title?


Did you also have the .IFO files at the same location as the .VOB files?  I am not sure if they are needed or not, but as I think they control showing menu I suspect that they are.

Yes. IFO files is in the VIDEO_TS folder

VIDEO_TS.IFO file is in the Video folder on the hard drive BUT does not show in Media Player when it opens the movie folder.

Problem solved.  Reripped disk. All is ok.