no "media" menu item

I have an ATV2 (IOS 4.1.1) that I just installed FireCore on.

I have a Maintenence menu item but no Media item.  What is wrong?

In manage extras I see:

--------- featured ---------

Couch Surfer Pro        Installed                     Not Installed

Maintanence              Installed

Remote HD                Not Installed

RSS Feeds                 Not Installed

Weather                    Not Installed

------------other (3rd party)---------

Nito etc…


No option to install media…



Due to some issues with Media Player and older AppleTV SW versions you’ll need to re-jailbreak with Seas0nPass before Media Player will appear as an option to install. Jailbreaking with the latest version of Seas0nPass will update your AppleTV to 4.2.2.

That sorted it out for me. Thank you!

Perhaps you should be clearer about the requirement in IOS version.

oh, and by the way. I did have a problem with Seas0npass. My device was originally jailbroken with Greenp0ison and installing the custom IPSW from Seas0npass failed everytime.

I used iTunes to install the original Apple 4.2.2 IPSW which worked fine, after that there where no problems re-jailbreaking with Seas0npass.