No Mark Read option?

The new layout seems to have removed the Mark Read/Unread buttons from all the forum areas.

Good catch - we’ll see if we can get that added back.

Also I have noticed in the new layout that at the top level you can see if there are new posts in a sub-forum by the change in the icon. However the icon does not indicate if there have been any replies (updates) to an article.

The old layout used to indicate if there was any new or replies to articles to be read in a sub-forum.

I must admit I cannot find the “mark as read” option either, whether it is for the whole forum or for a specific section.

Since this thread is over two years old my guess is there have been a few revs since then and the “mark as read” has go by the wayside. I’d sure like to see it too with a few other enhancements but since the forum software is maintained by the same folks as infuse I guess I’d rather see new Infuse features over a few on the forum.

Maybe if we keep these on the top of the new post threads for a bit the Firecore folks will toss a few minutes in the forum bucket. :wink: