No maintenance menu after installation..

I have:


  1. updated to latest aTV software

  2. jailbroken with SeasonPass (The FC symbol visible as proof of success)

  3. Purchased and installed aTV Flash 1.6 (for Mac)


However, i’m not seeing any “maintenance” menu or similar after step 3). And the FC symbol is gone.

Should it look like this? If so, how to install the extras (such as Plex)? If not, what to do?




The Maintenance menu should appear in the 2nd row of icons.

Can you try restarting the Apple TV?

I don’t see the maintenance menu rather. Its not on the second row and won’t appear if i restart it.  i’m using the 2nd generation ATV. I do see the FC settings. Did i miss something?


That IS the Maintenance menu as it is displayed in the new UI.

Thanks of rthe prompt reply Not sure what you mean? but I would like to play my home movies from airport extreme like before. I used to go toy my files then select my HD. The screen looks different now and can’t see the way to select my media. Did i miss something? What steps to i need to do?


Also i couldn’t get the work the new flash so i used my older AppleTV2,1_4.4.2… would that cause any problems. Seams to work ok but can’t access my HD.



I’m having the same issue.  I had a good jb the other day and got the maintenance icon and was well into setting up everything, but the SSH would not connect.  One theory was a virus, another theory was different.  Anyways, I re-jailbroke - itunes said it went well.  I went into the atv starting up - and i had a firecore logo on the top right row of icons - but it just had the basic apple tv stuff in there - “about”, ‘computers’ audio/video etc…


No maintenance menu at all on the home screen (yes, I tabbed down - nothing).  I rejailbroke again, and its still not there.  Funny thing is, I can SSH into it at least. 

Anyways, I will try again tonite from my windows xp (i used windows7 for these go’s at it -doubt it is related, but I’ve never had a jb issue with my xp, so what the heck, I’ll try it).


Is there some sort of signature on seasonpass that tells the computer its been used once ie: do i need to redownload it everytime i rejailbreak or is it as long as you have downloaded the most current version, you can use it over and over (i’ve tried to word that so it makes sense, I hope it does but it sounds off).



You mentioned re-doing the jailbreak, but not re-installing ATV Flash? It is the installation of ATV Flash that adds the Maintenance menu - not the SeasonPass jailbreak.

You can file that under “Stupid Questions” for me.  Sorry, you do something enough times and think you know what you’re doing and then … you don’t : )  Sorry again.