No Luck With Boxee & Any TV SHOWS

I have been unable to get Boxee to play any TV shows from the Fox/HULU/FX source. I basically see a website on the screen but no sound or video. I suppose that this is the same problem I see others posting about but I don’t really see any resolution. I have tried putting the application kit in the documents directory but that seems to have no effect.

Is there a fix for this with aTV Flash?

It seems that I should have gone the manual way now because I have had to do all the dirty work anyway, my impression from aTV Flash was I was paying not to have to do all of this.

Do I need to factory restore and start over?

Can someone give a step by step fix to this?


I have the same issue. Also, I have a problem with movies not showing up from the new Movie Library.

Same here guys! I can actually get everything on my computer to work but not when I’m on my HDTV. It really sucks to have this issue when you pay for something to work. Is it b/c my TV is running thru the ATV? Let me know if ya’ll figure something out!

I have the same problem!! The ONLY content I have gotten to work is from Showtime!!!
I wanna cancel my cable and save some money, BUT MY BOXEE WONT WORK ON MY ATV!!!

Works great on my Mac, but I want it working on TV!!!

There is limited support for Adobe Flash on the AppleTV. More info about setting this up can be seen here:


I had previously read through and followed the instructions on the thread you refer to. I have flash installed, I have tried several different methods to get this to work.

It seems that there are people who are having success with Boxee and the TV shows they want to watch but I still am not.

Is there a true solution that works?

What is the next step or should I be requesting a refund?