No local metadata for cloud locations (pcloud)


I’ve started using the pcloud integration on Infuse 6.5. Though I noticed that it ignores local metadata like posters. When it was on my NAS it was fine, so it shouldnt be a setup of compatibility issue

External subtitles are fine.

Is there a fix for this?

Any ideas if this can be fixed?

Can you provide an example of how you have the video/image named?

Hi James, thanks for reaching out.
The It was actually a series that was previously on my NAS. Local metadata worked fine then.

I have separate folders per series.
In the series folder local posters name like: poster.jpg, fanart.jpg,…

None of the local artwork files is picked up from pcloud, whereas it was fine when it was on my NAS.

See screenshot

Unfortunately, local metadata and artwork is not available for Google Drive, Box, and pCloud shares.

These services don’t utilize the concept of a file/folder tree which is required to tie the assets and the artwork based on their relative location.

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