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Hi Everyone,

I have just bought the lifetime license of Infuse. I have used Infuse 5 pro for some time before.

It seems that I don’t have a library at all. My favorite is on smb server, and I only have a few movies in the Favorite folder. However, if I go to “Setting - Library”, I don’t see the Favorite folder available to be checked for Library adding.

I’m using Apple TV 4K.


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First do you have a check mark next to “Show Library”?

HI Thanks.

As I have said, I can’t see any favorite under “Settings > Library”, so there is no possibility to place a checkmark next to any favorites want the Library to index.

Any suggestion?

I’m not talking about the check marks next to the favorites, there is an option to turn the Library itself on and off by clicking on the “Show Library” and that will place a check mark on the right hand side of that label.

Can you provide a screen capture of your “Library” settings screen?

Hi, I have replied the email to respond. Seemed it’s not working.

Please see the screenshot.

I have one favorite folder which is accessible from Infuse. As I am new user, I can’t upload more screenshot.

Just to make sure we’re not having a semantics issue, when you go to Settings > Shares > and then click on your “Saved Share” The next screen should list your favorites and give you the option to add more favorites.

Do you have any favorites on this screen? If not could you try and add one?

Do you have anything between the word on top “FAVORITES” and the “+ Add Favorite (s)” ?

This is from the users guide here


The short answer to your question is yes and yes :slight_smile:

See the attached.

I am not the new user of Infuse, I have used Infuse 5 pro.

How are you connecting to your device?

Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance? Unfortunately, these options won’t be compatible with Infuse’s library features.

I was going by your first post

but as James said, Infuse Library doesn’t play well with DLNA so check on the edit share screen and double check the protocol to make sure you didn’t accidentally select the DLNA share from your server instead of the SMB share.

Thanks @NC_Bullseye and @james , I decide to give up :grinning: I think my old NAS is hopeless, I am going to replace with a new Synology NAS, so hopefully everything should be working.


Good luck!