No iTunes Storage menu ATV Flash 3.6.4

I downloaded and set-up atv flash yesterday everything seems to be fine after the smart install but the new feature to switch where you can select a external hard drive for syncing iTunes seems to be missing, can anyone please help??
Everything is up to date, my hard drive is formatted to Mac OS X using MacDrive and detecting under nito tv but the menu is missing under Maintenance > Settings also the Apple H.264 feature is missing under there too.

Can someone please help, thanks in advance. :frowning:

It sounds like you may have a version other than 3.6.4 installed. If you view the ‘About’ menu item under ‘Maintenance’ what version of aTV Flash is shown there?

i checked this and it says 3.6.2 although i have downloaded and reinstalled 3.6.4 on my memory stick as instructed i’ll give it another go completly formatting the memory stick before i start this time. i will post the outcome

You may also want to ensure you are copying the entire aTV Flash folder (not just the application itself) from the downloaded disk image to your Applications folder.

I’m having the same problem…

Can you advise in a bit more detail about the above suggestion please as I’m not copying anything manually at all. I let the wizard do everything and delete all previous version of the atv software from pc before downloading. One i put the patchstick thats created by the wizard into my atv then it sort of takes care of itself so i dont actually copy a thing.

Many thanks

If you are using a PC, you may want to reformat the drive using the tool at the link below before proceeding with the installation.

It seems that when i created the patchstick for 3.6.4 without previously reformatting it it would say everything is completed fine but in actual fact it’s leaving the older version on (3.6.2 in my case). since using the format tool and creating the patch stick again everything is fine.