No Items for Playback on External HD

Hi, I’m having some issues with streaming from an external HD through my router to ATV2 with Infuse. I started streaming from my computer to Infuse but want to get away from leaving the desktop on all the time. I’ve copied all my media to an external HD and connected it to my router and added my router as a share in Infuse. However when I open the library folder on the router Infuse says there are no items for playback. I can see the files if I open the HD on my desktop network share so I know they are on the HD and I haven’t changed the file format so there shouldn’t be an issue there. I have tried changing the format of the HD to FAT32 from NTFS but that didn’t seem to help anything either. Any thoughts?

I should say this as well. I can see the HD on my computer but it does not appear in Infuse, how do I add it manually?

And problem solved, needed to add my password in for the router to get the external HD to open