Once i have download Seas0nPass on my MAC and click Create IPSW it says No Device Detected and Please connect the Apple TV via USB to continue.


What do i need to do from this point as connecting the apple tv dosent nothing as it dose not detect it then either  ?



Connect the power cord for 10 seconds then take it off, put leave the USB connected to the comp

Ok thanks,

So conect the apple tv up then remove the power cord after 10 seconds and leave the usbe conected. yep?





Hi, i have the same probleme, and i try this solution but it doesn’t work.

Have you any other idea?



Sorry for my english, i’m french :wink:

I found that most of my problems of this nature occur because of a faulty Micro-USB cord.  CHEAP generally equals USELESS when it comes to these cords.  Before you get completely frustrated, try using a high quality Micro-USB.  I have been given brand new cheap ones that have no connectivity whatsoever.  You might also try a different USB port on your computer, or a different computer entirely.

I am betting that it’s your Micro-USB at the root of your troubles…