No Intro Sound...

Noticed since I upgraded to 4.1 that the ATV intro sound is gone and that was on ATV 3.0.

Over the weekend I upgraded from ATV3.0 to 3.02. During the upgrade the intro sound was back but once I applied the ATVFlash patch stick it was gone again. The upgrade was successful and I didn’t have to resync anything in XBMC from my external Drobo box or anything from my external WD drive with all my ATV content. I had to rerun the smart installed, Crystal HD installer, download XBMC’s latest SVN (which I like that is listed there now) but everything was running just like it was before the upgrade, perfect minus the intro sound missing.

So the upgrade does work which I was hesitant on doing in the first place but I was bored.

The intro sound missing on 4.1 is a known issue, and has to do with an update of Perian in 4.1.

like it stated everything else works fine so not a big deal!

if you turn off the digital setting in the apple default audio / video menu and reboot the sound is back.
i just found this out because i have to turn it off to play some of my apple movies and tv shows now which are in digital 5.1 sound such as clone wars. if digital is on all i get is static sound with the movie playing. worked before though. i am using a sound bar so it doesn’t support 5.1 but it used to play fine under the default digital setting. also i noticed i enabled the AC3. maybe that is interfering? i will play with it more tonight.