No internet connection when editing metadata


I get a message with no internet connection error when I try to update the metadata about a movie. The error message is in swedish but translated I guess it would go with something like:
Network Error
Please check your internet connection

I definitly have internet connection to my Apple TV via network cable. I can look at files on my NAS and I can even download subtitles when watching a movie in infuse so there is a internet connection.
Anyone has an idea on how to fix this so I can update metadata about the movie?

This may have been related to TMDb’s site updates earlier this month?

Is this still an issue for you?

I’m getting a network error as well for getting metadata for TV shows but it works perfect for movies.

I’ve just tried updating metadata on both my Apple TV and on my iPad and have not seen this problem. Both of these have the new Apple OS updates. Are you using the latest updates?

Hello, this was probably a TMDb issue as James said. It is now working fine again.
Sorry for not replying earlier.

Yeah it works fine as long as you enter the files to match what infuse auto populate for each episode