No 'In Theaters' option under 'Movies' after successful jail-break & tethered boot with Seas0npass

Hi James,

I bought my ATV 2G around end of December 2010. 

The Seas0npass worked absolutely fine - got the message "Tethered boot complete! It is now safe to disconnect USB".

After removed the micro-USB and connected the HDMI cable to start Apple TV on my TV with the intention to install aTV Flash (black) app. 

However, when Apple TV started on the TV, there was no 'In Theaters' option under 'Movies' which is pre-install checklist in the installation guide

For information, after finishing Seas0npass and connecting the ATV to the TV, the current software version is 4.1.1, Software build is 1553 and OS Build Version is 4.2.1 (8C154).

Please help me out with this one. Thanks!!


Hi, are you using the latest 0.6.9 version of Seas0nPass or an earlier version?

The new 0.6.9 version resolves a number of potential issues related to wired and wireless networking and re-jailbreaking with this version may very well resolve the issues you are seeing.