No FTP or SSH services installed

How do I get these services installed? I did not see any error messages in the log, please help me through this.

FTP and SSH are enabled by default. There is no need to enable them manually.

Guide for use can be seen below.

They actually were not installed at all. I at one point saw the Ftp & Ssh options within the menu settings and FTP was enabled and ssh was not. When I clicked on enable for ssh and rebooted both the FTP and ssh service options disappeared. Can you tell me how to reinstall these services or locate a patch that I can download and install them again?

I am seeing this exact same problem to. FTP says its enabled, if I disable/enable it says there is no ftp.

Any update on this issue? I’m having the exact same problem.

Is this from inside nitoTV?

If so, you can ignore it. everything, including SSH, except FTP says disabled on mine. Still I SSH to the box just fine. SSH and FTP is enabled as soon as you have run the patchstick with aTV.

Any news on this? Ive got the exact same problems, i cant seem to enable SSH on the Apple TV through Nito TV, if i try to change the option to ‘on’ instead of default ‘off’ it won`t change!