No Front Row in OSX Lion 10.7

I was just informed after buying MiRow that there is no Front Row in the new OS that is being released in a week or so.

How is MiRow going to function without front row?

If is not Then how do I get a refund ?

Why is Firecore selling a product that has a lifespan of 1 to 2 weeks?

I have the same Q? Just paied for MiRow. What now in regards to Lion?

It does seem that Front Row has been removed in Lion, however MiRow will remain compatible with systems that run OSX 10.5 - 10.6.

FWIW, MiRow was released in October 2010, long before Lion was even announced.

Seems deceptive to not state in the product description that as of 10.7 this product will cease to function.

I boiught it 7/5/2011 and expect it to be unusable this week when 10.7 is released.

I would have like to have had the courtesy extended to me by Firecore to make that decision with their input.

Now I feel that I have been taken advantage of and that I lost 19.95 to a less than honest transaction


I’m sorry for the confusion. The compatible versions of OSX are listed under the Minimum Requirements section on the MiRow product page.

If you plan on upgrading to Lion and would prefer a refund just shoot us an email and we’ll get you taken care of.

Have already shot you two emails and no reponse so far

I found both your tickets and it looks like your order was canceled and refunded yesterday.

You should have received an email confirming this, but if not you can rest assured your refund was processed.

For those interested… the following page allows you to install Front Row on Lion without any issues i have come across yet…


Now the next obvious question is… will MiRow work with the patched version of Front Row and Lion?


Anyone willing to give it a whirl? Firecore??



I have upgraded to Lion, run the front row patch which does restore front row to the computer and that part works fine. Mi Row however I cannot get to work. I have tried 1.0.4 and version 1.0.6 and when I launch Front row none of the Mi Row menus appear. I have seen one post that stated that this would work but it does not for me. Any additional instructions or suggestions would be appreciated.



Please see my other thread for further details …


Didn’t work for me at all.

I only get

22.07.11 22:04:49,185 loginwindow: CheckBootstrap(): bootstrap_look_up(): 0x44e: Bootstrap Unknown Service


after the Lion upgrade each time I try to start Front Row. I searched the internet up and down but got no clue anywhere how to solve this Bootstrap problem.


This is a known issue that several people had with running FrontRow under Leopard and Snow Leopard. The fix back then to install the latest Combi Updater as the error indicated a corrupted file or screwed up installation of the OS.

You did install the patched FrontRow AFTER you did the upgrade to Lion Yes?

If so, the concensus would be that your Snow Leopard install was corrupted in some way prior to upgrading to Lion. 

No known fix for Lion in this case, at this time except to do a fresh install of Lion instead of an upgrade.

However, if you are trying to run FrontRow by clicking on it’s icon, try instead to hit menu+play from an Apple Remote to open FrontRow and see if that works.



Yes I installed the patched Front Row after the upgrade to Lion.

I already tried to start Front Row with the Apple Remote to no avail.

So the recommended course of action would be to do a clean install?

Since Apple has dropped Front Row and it would appear from my research there is no intent to bring it back, perhaps this is an excellent opportunity for Firecore to expand MiRow from an add-on App to a full stand alone App. I really have liked the simplicity of the interface and how well it works, I have looked at XBMC and Plex and they are really flashy but they almost have too many options and preferences. For my household the simplicity of MiRow fit the bill!!!

The problem with continuing to rely on Front Row with that script to restore Front Row in Lion is that as Lion is updated by Apple this could break again and again. This may be a good temporary fix till a full blown stand alone app could be developed but I do hope that this is being considered. I dont mind at all if there is an upgrade fee or a completely new license fee, I believe in the product and like its functionality.

I hope that others out there share my opinion and would also support this so that Firecore knows that there is still a market for this!



I just visited Apples site here and submitted feedback under the OS X section complaining about the removal of Front Row from Lion. I would encourage anyone who reads this post to take 2 minutes and do the same. I stated that this would prevent me from any upgrades to Lion as I did not want to loose this functionality. Maybe if the backlash is large enough they will reconsider its removal.




I totally agree that is would be something I would hope Apple will do but given what i know… I somehow doubt they will ever reinstate Frontrow in Lion (Officially that is) and the metyhod given to install Frontrow in Lion is pretty straightforward even if Apple change much behind the scenes, from what i understand, once installed it should continue to work without issue unless they did something really drastic and given what is being used by the install script… I don’t think that is likely in the near future and probably not for a couple of years if not ever!

Anyhow, the next step of course, is for Firecore to work on a method of resolving the outstanding issues with MiRow, when using this method of installing Frontrow in Lion… and hopefully that is currently ongoing.

Hi all

today i buy MIROW but isn’t under LION ! Please make the remark in big letter NOT RUNNING under LION.

Now i think to late , i pay for nothing.

Thank you very much!! Mr. fire core you have any solution?