No files or network tab under nitoTV menu!?


I don’t have the files or network tabs under the nitoTV menu. Why?

I only have:
Install software
Rss feed

Edit: I have a atv2 box

That is all that one gets with nitoTV.    Are you perhaps getting confused with nitoTV for the ATV1 capabilities?

To play media of the network you need to either install something like Plex or XBMC (which can be done via nitoTV) or get the FireCore software which provides other choices such as their Media Player and the Couch Surfer browser (as well as still allowing you to use XBMC or Plex).   When you have installed the FireCore software then a Maintenance menu appears for installing and configuring the  plugins they supply.


No, i have a jailbroken atv2 box whit aTV flash (black) installed. XBMC is working fine and i can watch movies from my nas server there. But i went into Maintenance and also installed nitoTV, so now i also got a menu called nitoTV. But there is no “files” or “network” option under the nitoTV menu. Should i not have these options under the nitoTV menu? I have looked and some screenshots of the nitoTV installed on a atv2 box, and there they have these options. So why do i not get these options?

I have never seen those options on an ATV2. They do exist on an ATV1 though which was why I asked about that.

Your right… Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: