No files for playback


Installed atv media player and shared my synology diskstation and everything worked fine, I could play dvd files and .kvv hd files, no problem.

The next day, nothing works, when I access the directory with my dvd files on my NAS through the atv media player there are no files for playback.

What´s more strange is that the folders that I can see in atv media player aren´t correctly updated anymore.

Hope you can helt me, it´s a bit frustrating and actually useless.


Hi, are you running the latest 1.0 version?

If you’re able to send in a bug report it will help track down what’s going on.


Thanks for your reply, yes I´m running the latest 1.0 version, jailbroken with latest version season0pass.

The issue, however, has been resolved. I did a restore through iTunes and repeated the jailbreak and install processes, and

now everything works.