No FC logo after tethered boot on diff. comp

successfully jailbroke the apple tv to 5.0

then i went to tethered boot it using another computer … at first i didn’t get the tethered boot option

then i transferred the seasonpass firmware that was saved on the computer i originally jailbroke it on, into the seasonpass folder on the new computer

i then was able to do a tethered boot, and FC logo was there.


then i installed XBMC/Nito

and now when i tether boot it, there is no FC logo (just regular settings icon) or any TV Shows icon at all


XBMC/Nito is there, i can still SSH and everything seems to work fine except the above mentioned…


does it matter that the FC logo isn’t there anymore? can i not use another computer to tether boot it?

where did the TV shows icon go?

FC logo is temp. 

Since you can ssh - it is jailbroken.

For tv shows set country US.

so is what i’m doing ok? the method of transferring the firmware from diff. computers

since each one is a unique ipsw, right?

i need each unique ipsw in the seasonpass folder, to be able to tether boot each different unit (like if i have 2 units)

sorry for my English, but I can’t understand the whole sentence of yours

no, you just need to have the same firmware ipsw in the seas0npass folder as your device’s fw what you do want to boot tehter.

Signed and modified fw is already inside of your device after you JB it, you need just boot it using tether boot option in seasi0nPass.

ipsw are not unique.

i had the firmware in my seasonpass folder, but was not getting the option to do a tethered boot on the new computer… until i put in the unique ipsw from the computer i orginally jailbroke it on

ipsw is not unique.

You can create seasonpass ipsw wthout any apple tv.

seasonpass folder has DOWNLOADS folder where original apple file is dowloaded. Another file with letters SP in the middle of the name is modified version of that, result of seasonpass process.

It is not unique.


ok so say for example


i tether jailbreak and install xbmc for a friend’s apple tv.

all I have to do is give them the “AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B179b_SP_Restore” & original “AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B179b_Restore” to put into the seasonpass folder?

or can they just download seasonpass, click create ipsw? do you need both or just the SP version or just the Original version?


when they click create ipsw, it will ask them to connect apple tv, because seasonpass will think it’s doing a jailbreak- if you press cancel (the ipsw will still be created?)

then they can just click tethered boot and carry on?


If it is a Windows computer you can put the Apple TV into DFU mode then download and run a program called iREB. This will put the device into PwnDFU. From there you can restore the SP version of the IPSW in iTunes by holding Shift and clicking Restore to select the IPSW file.


ormanton has already told you where to put it

This folder will be in your Documents and Settings directory under your computers username, I am not at home to check exact location but I believe it is something like this C:\Documents and Settings\User\seasonpass\downloads



yes that is the folder for sure… just wondering if the steps i’ve suggested will work?

You just need the original IPSW in that folder for boot tethered, with this file you can boot any ATV2.


The SP file is only used to jailbreak the ATV2, each ATV2 will requires it’s own unquie SP file to jailbreak it.

I think we are helping here for multiple Jailbreak.

 Sorry but  firecore software is for personal use only as stated in agreement.



Not sure I understand that comment, SP is free and can be used for multiple JB’s, then then again I never read SP’s user agreement :frowning:


However Yes ATV Flash is a different story.

i want apple tv throughout my house and my parents house, and i’m not using aTV flash, just seasonpass to jailbreak. if one can only use it once to jailbreak, one… that’s sort of pointless… then again i don’t even know where the terms are??

i have 2 laptops and 2 tv, i don’t want to be carrying laptops around my house to boot the apple tv… i just want a setup where i can leave it where it is.

i want to set up the same in my parents house, they have 3 tvs, 2 laptops and a desktop … i just want it to be as easy as possible for them, since they aren’t as techno advanced. 

all i want to know is, are unique ipsw made? if not, then i can just transfer the ipsw that was made to another computer and use that to boot the apple tv, as i outlined in my method, correct? I don’t have to be stuck with one jailbreak ipsw per computer… and i can just send my parents the apple tv and not actually go there to do all of the work … since they live in another state

if you don’t want to help because of your own selfish reasons, i understand. thank you for the advice so far. don’t have to take it so personally. we’re all on the same side here and its for the betterment and expansion of knowledge of everyone.



yes thank you for your help, this is just different than 4.4.4 untethered, and i now wish i had kept my old ipsw and not upgraded to the new 5.0 :frowning: it was much easier to use

I can’t be selfish because  neither ATVFlash or Seasi0nPass are mine , I don’t have anything what I could give you. I do not owe anything too.

I think me and Flipmode explained all procedure , just take your time to read it.   

Please make steps as explained before and you will have it booted.


I do use 5.0 on atv2 , never rebooted it .  So if you do not have any debts on electricity it will stay booted :slight_smile:

Just boot it and leave it.