no ethernet connection possible

Dear all, 
after installing the new version of aTV Flash (black), Windows - 1.1.1 with the latest verion of Seas0nPass, my Apple TV do no recognize the cable / wired LAN connection (ethernet). The WLAN connections works fine. The Apple TV get's an IP that starts with 169... .

All my other devices which are connected via ethernat cable are working prober.

You can solve this issue ??


Noticed the same, I installed mine (v1.1.1 player and 1.4.4 AppleTV) from a Mac. WLAN works fine, LAN doesn’t. And i need the LAN for the stability of the connection. I also get the 169-IP.


Now it works in my setup. I updated the firmware of my router (Cisco WRT120N), I also re-installed / restored the jailbroken sofware file.

I’m having the same issue.  I killed AppleTV app, rebooted the router a few times, all to no effect.  No will need to try another tethered boot, which is i a pain.  Is there any way to force the unit (via a terminal command via SSH) to reset it’s networking, or do anything similar that might achieve something without a boot?

Using Seas0npass 0.8.3 tethered with Apple TV 2 on iOS 5.1.  Note that this happened without aTV flash installed.

if you do not have a working network you will not be able to make a SSH connection!

Wifi works fine. So I can SSH.  But obviously I am after the faster and more reliable ethernet connection.  (Btw: I’ve already ruled out a faulty ethernet cable by checking with another one, and also enabled multi-cast streaming on my Dlink DIR-655 router as suggested elsewhere.)

I have the same problem, did you find any solution for this?