No Emby Media Server Option

Hi All:

Many things went wrong with my upgrade to DSM 7.0 and when I finally got them sorted out I went to link infuse to the new Emby Server.

I followed the instructions to add a media server - but there was no option when I got to the add share page. See attached picture. (I do not have PLEX installed) Emby is running fine and I was able to set up the EMBY App on my ATV. But not on Infuse. The Emby Saved Share does not behave like an emby media server.

I would appreciate any help in getting my Emby server recognized.

It looks like you may be running an older version of Infuse.

Can you check the version number by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings?

Wow - that was odd - yes it was an old version.



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