No DVD or Internet menu items

Hi all. Congratulations on this software, it’s great…

I have successfully followed all steps in the guides to install the software via usb flash. I selected all items when creating the USB. Problem is, I get no DVD nor Internet menu items when I switch on the Apple TV. All other things seem to be working fine.

What should I do?



Apple TV Version 1.0

Your signature indicates you are running the Apple TV 1.0 software, is this correct? If so, please update to the latest 2.1 software as the 3.2 version is only compatible with version 2.0+

Thanks for your reply, but I have a question though… Everywhere you can read that if you’re on 1.0 you have to consider yourself lucky. What major differences will I get between 1.0 and 2.1? Also, is there a way to make an image of the 1.0 HDD and go back to it if I don’t like 2.1?

My major issue right now is finding a way to stream from Itunes or a shared folder Divx movies… What will happen if I upgrade?



Your recovery partition contains 1.0, and this will not change if you upgrade. You can always go back to 1.0 by performing a factory restore through the Setting menu.