No Drive list in installer window

Gentlemen, I have an error. Just bought atvflash, downloaded all necessary software, have mounted 2 dmg with flash drive, executed the then it asked me to activate, blah-blah, but after all these steps there are no devices in drop-down list… when I click on it it seems like trying to roll it down but refreshes. So, I’ve sent you an email via Contact form and had no respond for the 24 hrs. Need help, please.

You aren’t seeing any of your Volumes in the program, i.e. Macintosh HD? Let me see what it might be and get back to you, I don’t have an idea of what it could be at the moment. You are using 10.4 or 10.5 and you have restarted your Mac just in case it was some weird bug? Have you tried reformatting the USB Drive in Disk Utility first as well?