No Dolby Digital with ios 455 and newly seasonpass.

I am wondering if anyone is on the same boat as me. After upgrade to iso455 and the new seasonpass, DD does not work in netflix with DD movies. This was working on ios 305. AT first, I though it was my receiver is the cause;however, I tried my bluray play and indeed, DD does work. In addition, The same movie played on my ps3 netflix does have DD.

Anyone know what is the issue?

I will try to restore the atv2 without Jailbreak and then play the same file from netflix to see the DD issue indeed happen before JB. Same issue with ios 455 without Jailbreak.

Something is wrong with ios 455 because I downgraded to 305 and DD+dts is back once again. Can it be something to be setup on 455 to enable dolby digital?