No Dolby Digital output on my AppleTV

Okay, here’s my problem. Dolby Digital output is turned on. None of my movies in VIDEO_TS folders that are Dolby Digital (AC3) surround, and any movie I have encoded as an AppleTV compatible movie with AC3 passthrough, will pass the surround channels to my Yamaha receiver. My Yamaha recognizes EVERY other source I have correctly (DVD, Blu-ray, HD Satellite), properly playing the surround tracks; but it recognizes AppleTV output as Dolby Digital ONLY when it plays the boot video. Then, everything I play is recognized as Dolby ProLogic. It’s not my Yamaha since I’ve switched inputs and the input works perfectly with any of my other sources.

How can I fix this?

Unfortunately 5.1 sound is not currently supported for VIDEO TS files. This feature should be available in a future release.

Let me get this straight: ATVFLash and NitoTV DO NOT support the second most important thing we need for playback of our backed up movies off a hard drive?! What’s the point of my spending $50 on this then? I might as well buy another media server. :x

When will this feature be available?

I just purchased the Western Digital WD TV Live. For 119 bucks I can play my VIDEO_TS folders in glorious Dolby Digital or DTS surround and 1080p resolution. While it is not as elegant a product as AppleTV with ATV Flash, and while I do not have DVD menu functionality as I do on NitoTV, at least my movies sound the way they should.

FireCore, you gotta step up to the plate here. Big failing with this plugin. I’ll be the first to praise you once this is fixed.

WHAT? We don’t put this on the front page do we???

No 5.1?

The more I learn about this software the more I think I wasted my cash…

works with XBMC does it not…?

Both DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1

Correct, XBMC will output 5.1 (Dolby and DTS) when configured properly. My housemate has it installed and it works great.

All fixed! XBMC is outputting DD and DTS perfectly. Obviously, NitoTV is way behind the curve on this. FireCore shouldn’t offer this without a disclaimer. A big failing if you ask me…