No Dolby Atmos?

It would appear that FireCore doesn’t support Dolby Atmos? Even original DA demo files are played as PCM 7.1 and displayed as TrueHD 7.1 instead of Atmos on Apple TV.

Currently, the Apple TV has limited support for Atmos content, and Infuse will support Atmos when using E-AC3 audio tracks. A few sample files can be downloaded at Tools & Media Sample Media Video Streams | Dolby Developer Unfortunately, Atmos with TrueHD audio tracks are not currently supported.

More info on the audio options currently available in Infuse can be found here.

Also, we’re working to encourage Apple to add more versatile options for Atmos and other audio codecs. If you have a moment to send them a quick message, you can let them know this feature is important to you as well. More info on the options for sending feedback to Apple can be found here.

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