No custom ipsw in home folder

Seas0nPass will not create the custom ipsw in my home folder. No matter how many times I go through the process, which never hangs and seems to be working fine, when its time to put the AppleTV into dfu mode the custom ipsw is just NOT THERE.  I’ve dleted and re-downloaded everything multiple times. Help.


I should add that a full-on spotlight search of my Mac fails to find one elsewhere. So the file isn’t being created at all.

It sounds like Seas0nPass may not be able to write to your home folder.

Can you check the permissions that are currently assigned? You can do this by right-clicking the home folder (located in /Users/ folder) and selecting Get Info. The permissions will be listed near the bottom of that window under the ‘Sharing and Permissions’ heading.

Yup, that fixed it. I gave ‘everyone’ and ‘administrators’ read-write access and now the ipsw appeared in the folder. Thanks dude. Now on to the JB.


FYI - this bug was just recently discovered, so the next version will present an error message if Seas0nPass cannot write to the home folder.